3 Easy Steps to Verify Domain Ownership via DNS Record?

When you’re the owner of your domain then why you need to verify it? Well, we will answer it in the article later but now we will discuss how to verify domain ownership via DNS record method.

You might have seen this DNS verification in Google Search Console, or in Bing Webmaster tools. Am I right?

A domain name is a unique name of your online business ends with a TLD extension like .com, .net etc. Every domain is just a name, so to build a website on it you will need to connect it with a hosting server IP address (internet protocol address).

DNS records help you to add this IP in your domain. An IP is considered as an A record of a domain. Similarly, there is an option to add TXT records in your domain. These txt records are nothing but a text value just used for domain verification purposes.

These TXT records are very helpful when you will need to verify your domain ownership.

So, today I will show you practically on how to verify domain ownership using DNS txt record method. For example, I will try to verify my domain in Google Search Console using the TXT record verification process.

I will use the Cloudflare DNS, but you can continue the following steps with your domain registrar DNS system.

My reasons behind choosing Cloudflare DNS are:

  • It is one of the fastest DNS resolver.
  • You no longer need to update domain name servers again after you successfully set up Cloudflare nameservers.
  • Instantly add, update or delete DNS records with zero downtime.
  • Free to use.

How to Verify Domain Ownership via DNS Record in Google Search Console

Here are 3 Easy to Verify Your Domain Ownership using DNS Record process.

Step 1. Login to your GSC (Google Search Console) account and click on “+ Add property” option.

Add Property in Google Search Console

Step 2. There will be 2 options under the select property type. Just choose the domain.

Property Type in Google Search Console

You can also choose the URL prefix option if you will need to verify a subdomain with Google Search Console.

Step 3: Get your DNS verification record for your domain. It will start with “google-site-verification-1234567890”. Copy the txt record.

Property Verify TXT Code in Google Search Console

Strep 4: Go your Domain DNS manager. Cloudflare users just log in to your Cloudflare account and go the DNS tab of your domain.

Step 5: Click on “+ Add record“. Choose TXT from the drop-down and at the name field just put your exact domain as example.com; don’t include any http, https, www or anything. In the value, box paste the copied google verification txt record.

Add TXT Code in Cloudflare DNS

Step 6: Then finally add the record and wait for 5 minutes. Then go back to your Google Search Console and hit the Verify button.

Verify Domain Ownership via DNS Record

Now the ownership of your domain is successfully verified. And this is completely done using the TXT verification method.

That’s all. Hope you have enjoyed this! You can use the same method for Godaddy, Namecheap domains. For cPanel users, they will find the DNS option in Zone Editor.


You can use the same method for Bing Webmaster Site Verification, Yandex site verification and so on.

This verification with search engines will help you to track your search performances, SEO errors, better crawling for index and more.

Also, this TXT verification method is useful in many cases where you will need to prove the ownership of your domain name. It’s as easy as you just have read.

And I hope it has helped you.

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