PurpleAds Review for Publishers

PurpleAds.io is a new ad network for advertisers and publishers. They offer floating banner ads, display ads, skyscraper ad and some other ad formats. Also, easily track your reports from the clean dashboard interface.

With an easy signup process and low minimum payout, PurpleAds is a great alternative to choose.

How does PurpleAds Work?

PurpleAds is an ad network and a reseller of major ad exchanges. After getting approved for your blog/website, PurpleAds will show floating banner, display ads, skyscraper ads etc on your site. You can monitor your reports from their clean dashboard interface.

PurpleAds Requirements

There are not so hardcore requirements to become a publisher on PurpleAds. Your site must need to have a decent amount of traffic and should not violate general webmaster content guidelines for content.

For a better result, we recommend you to get at least 1000 page views per day on your site before placing PurpleAds ad units.

PurpleAds Ad Types

They have 2 major types of ads. One is floating banner and another one is display ads. Now PurpleAds publishers have the option to show skyscraper ad, bottom sticky ad etc under the display ad unit.

Available ad types on PurpleAds.

  • Floating Banner
  • Display Ad
  • Skycraper Ad

PurpleAds Pricing

There is no mention of pricing on their website.

PurpleAds Payment

Currently, PurpleAds allows payout via PayPal only. You can easily get your payout when your account total earnings will reach $20.

  • Minimum Payout: $20
  • Payment Term: Net 30
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

PurpleAds Support

PurpleAds FAQs

Is PurpleAds a trusted and legit ad network?

Yes, PurpleAds is a trusted and legit ad network. You can safely use PurpleAds on your site.

What are the payment methods of PurpleAds?

Currently, PurpleAds offers payout via PayPal only.

What is the PurpleAds minimum payout?

PurpleAds minimum payout is $20.

PurpleAds vs AdSense?

Google AdSense is the clear winner. But using PurpleAds as a supporting/alternative ad network will give you some passive earnings.


There is no doubt that PurpleAds is not like other annoying ad networks. They provides clean and good ads. PurpleAds works best for traffic from tier 1 countries. However, any publisher can use it as a supporting ad network on their websites.