In-Depth: Why You Should Focus on Video Contents in 2021 for Business Growth?

2020 was an amazing world for the growth of the Digital Ecosystem. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has learned how to use digital mediums for day to day life. Starting from a personal Zoom Video call to government systems all is now going on digitally.

But in a recent trend, some things of Google SERP is noticeable. In fact, I would like to say every digital marketer have noticed this in recent times who are in the field of Blogging or YouTube. Yes, you’re correct I am talking about video contents.


Not only from now, but Google is now giving much impact on video contents. In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, only news was somewhat consumed in text format, else users prefer videos for everything. When talking about videos the how can we left YouTube?

According to Statista, YouTube ranks 2nd among the most popular social networks worldwide as of October 2020. And even if you search anything on Google, you will find YouTube videos in a snippet.

In 2019, it was just one or two videos but as the time is going on the number of videos are increasing on SERP.

Now many people might have confusion that they just have to upload videos on YouTube to get it on SERP. But not at all, there is a dedicated schema for video contents. If your normal website has this schema for your videos then you can rank on SERP just like YouTube results.

Not even this now, advertisers are interested in promoting videos via Google Adwords and other networks. According to a report by Variety, “YouTube Q1 (first quarter) Revenue Climbs 33% to $4 Billion, Parent Alphabet Saw Big Ad Sales Slowdown in March…Overall, Alphabet reported $41.16 billion in revenue, up 13% year over year, and adjusted net income of $6.84 billion ($9.87 per share). Analysts on average expected the company to post revenue of $40.38 billion and EPS of $10.33.

So, you can analyze the impact of video contents in the upcoming years. Not even this it is human nature that, what we see through your eyes if we can hear the same at the same time that we can remember it for a long.

If you utilize this idea while showing up an ad of your brand, people can know in a better way. Not only but also if you can give two choices to a user, one he has to read information and second have to watch a video of that information. Then 90% of the cases the user will choose to watch. Because reading needs effort from our side, but consuming video contents just need an understanding of the visuals.

When we are talking about video contents, then how can we forget TikTok. According to Apptopia, TikTok ranks 1st among the most downloaded and highest-grossing apps list in 2020, Worldwide. Where Netflix on 10th position.

So, here one thing has to notice. The thing is short video creation. Because in recent times our minds need anything new in each second to enjoy. TikTok feels this gap that why TikTok has this records in 2020.

But when other social media started to lose users just because of TikTok, they launched various features as TikTok has. Yes, I am talking about Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts etc.

Even if you’re not a business owner but want to start a career in the digital field, then you should start with video creation. Initially, you may feel that it is taking most of the time and returns nothing. But it’s all about a game of patience. No one knows when a video will go viral and make you a celebrity overnight.

You may what nonsense is this? But believe me, this happened in 2020.

Yashraj Mukhate, an unknown music composer became popular overnight just because one of his short music video gone viral overnight. The video is “Rasode me kaun tha“. This video was so viral at a time on social media that India’s mainstream media had covered this as news on the evening political controversy shows. This included AajTak, Republic World, India Today and others. Now Yashraj Mukhate is a famous celebrity and a YouTuber.

So you can’t imagine which will go viral and when. That’s why you should continue to create content without any expectations. And the upcoming way of consuming information will much more depend on video contents if things will go like this.

If you’re thinking to start your YouTube channel or video content creation then don’t wait for a perfect time. Act now to best policy to start anything. That’s all for now.

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