How to Start a News Website in India and Make Money Online?

News is the latest information on what is happening! Now you have decided to make a news website, that’s a pretty good idea.

But do you know the basics of news publications, how do they work, how you will monetize your news portal, etc?

Don’t need to worry, I will guide you through the whole steps of starting a new news website or portal in India to earn your first dollar from the news website you will create. The steps will be easy and no coding or technical background knowledge will be required.

Remember, journalism or news reporting is a respectable occupation. So, maintain your standards in your articles. It will be better if you can pursue a short course on journalism to gather some experience in this whole industry.

How to Start a News Porta/Website in India?

Today’s Topics

  1. Find the sector/niche
  2. Buying the domain
  3. Get the Web Hosting
  4. Installing and Setting up WordPress
  5. Claim social media handles
  6. Publishing News articles
  7. Promote the news
  8. Making Money with news website

1. Find the sector/niche

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Your first step before creating a news website is finding your sector or niche. You can say it “topic of news” for your comfort. All established news sites are covering almost all the sectors which you can think of. So, if you replicate them then you starting will be the most hardest.

All you need to do is take a pen and paper, and write down the topics in which you have interest and you regularly check news on these topics. Now shortlist the topics in which you can write upto 50 articles continuously in day.

If you do this, then you will find may be one or two topics in which you have deeper experience and interest.

2. Buying the domain

Now to create your news website you need a domain name first. A domain name is simply the name that readers will type to visit your online news portal. For more info on domain names check out this.

A good and brandable domain name is the key to win the race. Make sure it is short, brandable, easy to remember and not linked with any trademark violation.

Got a nice name in mind? Search with to check it across all TLDs and social media handles.

Then you can register it with any of the trusted domain registrars like GoDaddy, BigRock etc.

If you need a free domain name for your news website then check the 3rd step.

3. Get the Web Hosting

A web hosting is the place where the files of your website will be stored. Every website is hosted on a server.

News websites are having lakh+ real time traffic. So, a strong hosting server is needed to handle this. Otherwise, if your news gets viral, your visitors will be dropped just because of bad hosting.

Below you will find the list of recommended web hosting providers with the best deal and including a Free Domain Name as promised in step 2.

Just go to Bluehost, click on “Get Started” and start your brand new news portal with a Free Domain and Hosting.

BlueHost – Upto 70% Off + Free Domain

Bluehost is recommended by top industry leaders and it’s also very beginner friendly. Your news website will also be able to handle sudden huge traffic with Bluehost. They also offer a free domain name with their nay hosting plan.

Other Recommended Hosting providers:

4. Installing and Setting up WordPress

Bluehost hosting comes with pre-installed WordPress. So, if you have chosen Bluehost in 3rd step then you will no need to take the headache of installing WordPress.

Just set up a news theme, add important plugins like Rankmath or Yoast, AMP, Cache plugin and a news site map plugin.

Don’t add too many plugins on your site, keep it minimal. That’s it.

Create needful tags, categories on your WordPress site to align your news articles in different sections. Also, add about us, privacy policy, editorial policy etc important pages to increase your trust score before users.

5. Claim social media handles

Now, before publishing any article make sure that you have claimed your matched username from all the famous social sites. This will just help to increase your brand visibility and increase engaging with your readers.

Social media will also help you to get the initial traffic to your news site.

6. Publishing News articles

Now you’re all ready to publish your first news. Just check what’s going in your chosen industry, do the research and write it down.

The lifespan of a news is very short. So, as fast as you will act as more readers you will get.

Because if you late to publish news, then there will be a low chance that users will read it because anyone doesn’t like to read the same incident multiple times.

As I said at the beginning of this article that journalism is a reputable occupation so don't make it a joke. Please gather some experience before directly jump into news reporting.

7. Promote the news

Business promotion

Now it’s the time to bring your news articles before public.

Many search engines offer special tool only for News publishers, for example, Google has a tool called Google Publisher Center. Simply read the webmaster and Publisher Center guidelines and apply them to your news website.

You can also find similar tools for other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc if they have one. You can also share your news on social media handles to create user engagement.

Now it will take some time to gain trust upon your news reporting from the internet. So, don’t be worried.

8. Making Money with news website

The majority of the income of a news website comes from advertisements and sponsorships. If you have a large reader base then brands will come forward and approach you for paid sponsorships.

You can also join with Google AdSense, etc ad networks. Even if you join any Google Certified Publishing partner that will give you the most from any normal ad network.

You can join the best Google Partner for new websites to make the most – Ezoic


Starting a news portal or a website is easy but the core thing thing is to gain the trust. The main challenge is to become a reliable news source among thousands of fake news publishing which appears daily.

You can also register your company later, not only to protect the brand name also to hire staff, expand business and building your news empire.

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