[Easy Guide] How to Get First Order on Fiverr in 2022?

Imagine a day of full-time freelancer. How may sell he/she gets in every day? Obviously, more and more. Today we will on how to get first order on Fiverr.

I know getting the first sale is a very tough one in freelancing. But it’s nothing so much hard as you think.

Believe me, it’s very easy to get your first client order on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr and Freelancing?

Fiverr Homepage

For those who don’t know about Fiverr: According to Wikipedia, Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Here buyers can buy services from various sellers.

In short Fiverr works as a mediator between clients and service providers. The company was founded in the year 2010.

According to the SimilarWeb, now Fiverr.com global rank is 516 and it’s Alexa ranking is 272 in global. This site gets approx 60 million+ traffic in each month and it’s constantly increasing.

It’s a great opportunity to start selling on fiverr and earn an extra income for you skills.

So, here I will not just break your hard mindset of your first order also give you some amazing tips and tricks which will boost your freelancing career in starting days.

Are you ready? Let’s start this topic on how to get your very first first sell/order on Fiverr.

5 Easy Steps on How to Get First Order on Fiverr

1. Create a unique profile


I have seen many new sellers on Fiverr who are doing copy paste from top rated sellers bio. Remember that everyone has their own uniqueness so make your Fiverr profile unique than others.

Top-rated sellers are already promoted by the Fiverr algorithm. But you’re stating as a new freelancer on Fiverr. So, try to avoid silly things which others are doing.

Never do that on Fiverr:

  • Copy-pasting another seller bio
  • Adding non-relevant services in your profile
  • Don’t include any rudeness
  • Forcing the buyer to buy your service.

Some best practices to keep your Fiverr profile attractive and authentic:

  • Clearly mention your name.
  • Tell the buyer in short about your skills
  • Always be polite on Fiverr
  • Add a positive sound in the last of your bio

Your 50% of the sellspurchase are depend on your Fiverr profile and bio. Keep this in mind.

2. Clearly mention service details on gigs

To do list

Gigs are the selling services list of a freelancer on Fiverr. So, the buyer will look at first on gigs while he/she will searching for any service. You can say it’s your product which you want to sell.

You gigs should be related to your skills. Don’t publish anything, in that you haven’t had any expertise.

The most important 2 things of Fiverr gigs to increase your gig clicks are Gig Title and Thumbnail image.

These 2 creates the first impression in buyer’s mind regarding your service.

  • Make sure you’re using an attractive gig thumbnail image.
  • Your gig title is short but well explained.

Next, when any buyer will click on your gig, he/she will see your gig about and description. Try to explain your gig as short as possible because buyers are impatient. use headings, bullets, points and briefly describe your service about.

Putting to much stuff can help you rank on the 1st page but will give you no sell.

3. Communicate with confidence with the buyer

Good Communication

Now it’s time to communicate with the buyer before the buyer will buy your service. Generally buyers ask;

Hey! we want this XYZ. Can you please do this for us?“-Fiverr Buyer.

Simply reply with, “Hello, Yes, I can do this and can make this XYZ for you.

If you notice if the buyer will going to ask for a custom requirement then simply add “Do you have a custom requirement in this?

Typically, it increases sales. After all, Fiverr is saying “Good communication is a key factor for creating successful collaborations.”

Having a good conversation from the beginning will convert your new buyers to permanent regular buyers.

4. Offer something extra

Buyers are always looking for something extra benefits.

Just imagine yourself as a buyer and willing to buy any new service. Most of the top-rated old buyers don’t provide anything extra for free. On the other hand, a new seller will do the mentioned task as well as he/she will do a little extra task without any further charges.

Here clearly you will win the race and get your first order on Fiverr. But make sure you don’t deliver something that cost you something extra from your end.

Making your buyer satisfied with your job is a great way to be a top-rated seller on Fiverr. Then you will have fewer jobs but higher income.

Focus on your service quality not on revenue, because there will be a time when you will get more than you expect.

6. Promoting your gig

Business promotion

Now it’s the time to say everyone that you’re doing something. Share your gigs on social media or on your blog.

Fiverr has given 3 impressive ideas to self-promote you gigs:

  • Provide custom offers to your new customers.
  • Share about your services on your blog or website.
  • Show your skills on your social media profiles.

Typically, social media are the best way to get more and more customers.

They will engage, share and automatically share your gigs if you can provide the best service quality which they are looking for.

Read more about some best practises to get more sales on Fiverr

Fiverr Payment proof

It’s the income of one of my Fiverr account made in 3 months. Usually, I haven’t had so much time for freelancing but still, it’s a good way to utilize my free time.

When I had started freelancing, my mind was also thinking about “how to get first order on Fiverr”. But when I received my first order, I was too excited to complete it and luckily the buyer was much happier than me.

Here are some useful tips which will help you to easily get your first order on Fiverr:

  • Make your gig thumbnail different and unique from other
  • Use a well and SEO optimized title
  • Explain your services briefly and to the point in direct messages
  • Keep your service price relevant
  • Don’t copy anything from other
  • Always keep a good conversation with buyers
  • If you can’t do something, say it frankly to the buyer
  • Most importantly, never ask your buyer for review. It’s aginst of Fiverr terms.

You can also respond to buyer request on Fiverr. Most of the cases new seller journey on Fiverr starts from there.

Now I think your question “how to get first order/sale on Fiverr” is now over, and I hope that you have already received your first order on Fiverr.


Fiverr is an amazing platform for freelancers. Doesn’t matter if you’re a part-time or full-time freelancer. just go to Fiverr, create an account and start making money online.

  • You are your own boss here.
  • Anytime you can do freelancing.
  • And a great way for online passive income.

That’s all. Good luck. Hope to see your freelancing journey succeed!

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