[Easy] How to Fix Your site isn’t ready to show ads in AdSense

Are you trying to fix “Your site isn’t ready to show ads” issue in AdSense? AdSense mostly sends you this email when your website is not yet ready to be a part of the AdSense ecosystem. In this article, I will show you how to easily fix “Your site isn’t ready to show ads” in Google AdSense.

Now, this rejection message is very common and it generally says that there are some issues on your website. To know about the actual reason behind this message click on see more details besides your site and you will see what is/are the actual reason/reasons behind your site is not ready for AdSense.

Before going for a fix, let’s discuss something which is important regarding the whole Google Ads ecosystem.

Ask yourself: Why AdSense should select your website to show ads and give you a revenue share?

The answer is pretty simple. You have an audience of blog readers which might be needed by advertisers to promote their brands or products. So, you will apply for AdSense and they make everything ready for you.

But what if your blog doesn’t follow AdSense policies?

Then Google will say:

Your site isn’t ready to show ads

We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means that your site isn’t ready to show ads yet.

-Google AdSense Team

Google always cares for its advertisers; so that everyone in the ecosystem feels safe and protected. So, when a raw site comes to them for approval they simply reject the application with a proper reason. Now the reason could be anything which is not abiding by the site owner as stated in AdSense Publisher Policies and Publisher restrictions.

When you submit your application to AdSense, it is checked by a real human. If you don’t have a proper website or zero audiences you might see this kind of error.

Let’s take a look at how to easily fix Your site isn’t ready to show ads messages in AdSense.

How to fix Your site isn’t ready to show ads in AdSense?

If you don’t fix those issues before resubmitting there is a high chance that you will see the same message again after a few days.

Now there could be multiple reasons behind this issue. You will need to log in to your AdSense dashboard and go to the sites tab.

From the sites tab, click on the site which is not ready to show ads and see the actual cause.

Although 90% of the cases “Valuable Inventory: Not enough content” is the main reason behind your site is not ready for Google AdSense. That means Google determines your content quality is not enough to show ads on them.

To fix this, you need to provide high-quality valuable content to your audience. You can see this AdSense Help article for more information on this topic.

There may be other problems such as site down, site navigation etc. Fix all possible problems.

Google AdSense YouTube channel also has a playlist named AdSense Site Approvals series, watch it to know more about it.

When you feel there are no problems left on your website, you may place a Request Review to AdSense.

And I hope this time you will get the good news!


Google products work as a medium to connect advertisers and publishers. If advertisers don’t want to promote themselves before your audience then Google will also deny to accept you in their advertising ecosystem.

Always try to provide high-quality content via your blog or website. It will not only give value to your audience but will also attract more valuable advertisers to your website.