[2021] How to Appear in Google News & Discover Feature?

You can get millions of real-time visitors from Google News. But you don’t even have to be a journalist for that. So, in this topic, we will talk about how to appear in Google News and Discover Feature?

Bloggers, Tech Sites, Digital Content Creators, and obviously News Publishers are using this way to boost their organic traffic and overall business.

After the December 2019 update, Google News is not just only a platform for news websites. Now it’s is open to all.

Google News mainly works as a quick update provider to its users. It fetches the articles from a website by using their XML feed and sitemap.

A great reveal by Neil Patel on this topic is “Google News sends 6 billion clicks per month to publishers all over the world. Even if you get just 0.0001% of these clicks to your web site, that’s huge. Do the math.

News Websites

Typically if you focus on news and update related content, you are very much likely to appear in Google News as well as Google Discover. But still it’s no longer limited for news sites only.

John Muller had said once “The “Top Stories” / “In the News” section is a web-search feature, so it’s not limited to Google News sites. We don’t have any information publicly on what the exact criteria is, sorry :-)). It’s algorithmic!

What is Google News?

Before knowing about Google News, let’s know first about what is a news?

A major search engine like Google defines news as “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.

News Meaning

So, if you provide relevant updates, share trending informations then you’re likely to be a news site of that particular niche. As an example, TechCrunch provides tech related updates. So we can call it a tech news website.

And now according to Wikipedia, “Google News is a news aggregator service developed by Google. It presents a continuous flow of articles organized from thousands of publishers and magazines.

It works through syndication system which collects latest and relevant article from top sites and recommend them to the users as per their interest.

Again it’s needed to submit your XML Feed URL and sitemap URL so that the news bot can fetch your contents.

Adhere to the Principles of Good Journalism

As I have said earlier, now Google News and Discover feature is not limited only for news sites. But still major search engines like Google or Bing haven’t discarded the principles of good journalism.

Good journalism is all about being honest and as objective as possible. If you see CNN, BBC, New York Times; these are always there in the top of SERP. Why? Because they are true news publishers and adhere to strict standard journalism practices.

Authority Journalism

Quality and authority of news reporting always matters to be liked by Google’s algorithm.

One more thing you need to always remember that, news articles are not evergreen topics, these are trending according to the time. And lose the user’s interest after time.

Now to be eligible for Google News is not so much hard. According to the Google News help Center “Publishers no longer need to submit their site to be eligible for the Google News app and website. Publishers are automatically considered for Top stories or the News tab of Search. They just need to produce high-quality content and comply with Google News content policies.

But still I recommend to don’t wait for the magic will happen; approve your website in Google Publisher Center so that anytime Google can make you eligible for their News and Discover feature.

So, here are some best practices which will really help you appear in Google News Tab after the December 2019 update.

Best Practices to Appear in Google News (After December 2019)

1. Publish original content: Don’t Copy Paste from Other Sites.

The base rule for creating high-quality content is to write original. Search Engines don’t like to rank the same duplicate content, on which another site is already ranking. And obviously it is not just one point for writing great content. Right?

So, make sure your content sources are authentic, credible and trustworthy.

Have a look at the Google News homepage. All of the latest featured stories are original content with notable sources.

Google News Homepage

After the Google Panda Update, it highly needed to provide quality content for better ranking in SERP. Else Google will find out your low-quality article by its algorithm and you will not get better ranking.

2. Use Lucrative Rick-keyword Headlines for Articles

Your headline gets the first impression of your readers. So, make it stunning and attractive so that you can get much attraction and clicks by visitors.

According to Poynter, you should “try to keep your headlines straightforward and unadorned. Use concise and familiar words, if possible.

Keep in mind that news articles is a different one from normal articles/blog posts. So having a good heading makes it handsome.

As said by Neil Patel “Just like blog posts, your news story headline determines whether your story will be syndicated by Google or not.” So it’s a main point before you go ahead on this topic.

Take a look at the titles of Search Engine Journal. Their headings are small, sweet and magnetic to get clicks. Your meta tags also carry the same importance.

Search Engine Journal

Here are some useful tips for write stunning headline,

i) Don’t repeat words: The main purpose of getting approved in Google News is getting clicks and views from the huge user base. You don’t have to repeat words or keywords in the headline, as though you’re actively doing search engine optimization. And Google News sites are automatically considered for higher rankings in the Top Stories section.

You will just need to produce high quality articles to get all the benefits.

ii) Use Active Voice: We all know that news reports are well written in passive voice. But here you will publish recent news articles in your website. So, use the active voice to demonstrate what’s inside the story and will catch the eye of the search engine.

Because you know that a passed incident carries less value than a present incident.

Here is a simple example of using voice narration.

  • Passive Voice: It can be done.
  • Active Voice: I can do it.

It is a funny example given by Neil Patel on using active voice for news headlines, just enjoy it.

Active vs Passive Voice

According to Neil Patel “An active voice starts with the subject. With an active voice, you can say more with fewer words from the very first time. Brevity is an essential news publisher tactic that captivates the audience.

iii) Capitalize Title: have a look at top news sites. You will see their headlines are capitalized. As a rule of thumb, capitalize the first word of the headline. You must also capitalize proper nouns.

But don’t capitalize all words in a headline. For example “Google Discover Makes it Easier to Know the Trending” is correct but if you “to” were capitalized as well, that make the headline weaker.

3) Write News not evergreen content

The trend of news is valid upto 2 days or a maximum for a few weeks more. But after that they are useless. There are hardly 0.0000001% of people who will search it again in the future.

So, act as quickly as possible a write down the news. Trending topics will give you most of the organic boost. It’s as simple as that. In journalism, “timing is everything.” Timely content makes it to the top, others get lost in the pages of the search history.

As a result your will get top ranking in Top Stories section.

Check here Google News Content Policies for publishers.

4) Write news on a daily basis

Nowadays, the trending news is updating in minutes. So it’s necessary to keep your readers updated with the latest helpful information. Try to publish 2 to 5 news relevant news articles on a daily basis.

Times of India Latest News

Not only but also Google knows authors. Many authors have higher authority than others and their articles ranks higher than other. Ideally, it is a good practice to create an author page on your site, where you introduce each writer on your team.

Hire professional freelance writers who will write on behalf of your news website. You will get well trained and have great writing skill news writers on freelancing websites.

Fiverr.com is one the best freelancing website where you can a great number of news writes.

5) Increase you site authority

Google knows which website has the authority and which hasn’t. This authority is a kind of trust for which Google will don’t mind if your every article gets ranked in Top Stories.

Website Analytics

If you ask Google Assistant, “Tell me the latest news”, it will pick the most recent news from CNN or BCC of The Times. Why so? Because these are very old players in this field and most importantly Google has a solid trust in them.

But what to do if your website is new?

You’re 100% correct. In this case you will need time and smart work with patience.

We have already discussed that now all sites are eligible for news, So it’s not a tough one to do that.

When you’re all set with these all points you’re very close to get into the news algorithm. Just wait, anytime the magic can happen.


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Now the possibilities for getting into Google News and Discover feature is 100% for all websites. But you need patience and watch the game thoroughly.

While crawling by the News Bot, Google can anytime pick your site for news. Also, make sure than you have already met the technical guidelines for news.

Please submit your news site and it’s XML sitemap in Google Search Console if you haven’t done it before. And submit your RSS XML Feed URL in Google Publisher Center so that Google News can fetch your contents as soon as they publish

Share it if you like it. Hope to see you soon in the Google News.

Have you something more for Google News? Why not tell me it in comment box?