5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Article Generator & Spinners Tools

Do you know that I can create a 3000-4000 words article by using a free article generator tool? Now you might say “Wow! How is it possible?”

So, today we will be going through this topic of article generator tools and article spinner tools.

Will the free article generator tool give us unique content for all the times?

The answer is a big NO. Free unique article generator tools are scripted. These tools could give you unique content just for one time. And all the other time it will just repeat the same for users.

And even if you the spinning content tools, this can only spin the content in just one way. Because these free tools don’t have an AI (artificial intelligence) for rewriting.

You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything

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New bloggers are tired of writing blog articles. So they are always looking for some kind of article generator tools. But using them can cause a negative impact in your rankings as well as destroy your previous work.

Here are top 5 points for why you must avoid these so called smart article generator tools.

5 Reasons to Avoid Free Unique Article Generator & Spinning Tools

5. Reduce the success chances

Business Growth

Digital field is highly dynamic. So you continuously need to improve your skills according to the time. But using these free article generator tools will just reduce your efforts to improve your skills.

Not only but also they will make you sick in writing.

So, in future, if you plan to grow your sales or generate leads or start a publishing company or something like that, you don’t get a long success in it.

4. Bad SEO Affect

Free Article Generator | SEO Factors & Impact

Nowadays all the SEO factors are focused on users comfort where article generators tools don’t understand the content about the who, where, when and others. And sometimes I have seen that spinned articles haven’t had a head or tail.

Major search engines like Google, don’t want to rank higher these kinds of contents. Why? because in Google’s philosophyFocus on the user and all else will follow.

So when you don’t care about user then why Google should care about your site. Right?

3. Made for Robots not for humans

Web Bot Crawl

Who consumes your content? Obviously your website visitors. They are real humans, not bots. But the tools generated content are not made for your real users. It has missing a human touch.

For example Ravi, an IT engineer works in an XYZ company, so it should be “Ravi works for XYZ Inc.“. But these tools write this as “Ravi works doing in XYZ Inc.

The first one shows a clear meaning and easy to understand. But the second one has no sense.

This same thing is applied for spinned contents.

2. Business impact

Business Analytics

To do the better Conversion rate optimization (CRO) you will need to be focused on your topic. I can assume that your product is fabulous but your content is just stuff of bluff.

You will get never get any sales. Because nowadays users intent to check-in and every point of a product in detail then they will decide to buy it or not.

So, if you want to generate sales, leads then it is my recommendation to do not use any of these tools.

1. Duplicate, not unique anymore


The main and #1 reason for do not use content generator tools is, “This will give you the same ready-made thing again and again and again and so on.

Not just you even if person B use the same tool to generate his/her website content, then it will not be unique anymore. Same for non-AI powered spinned contents.

AI-powered article generator tools work here beyond your expectations. If you’re really looking for high-quality AI-powered best article generator tool then ArticleForge is just for you. And if you just need to spin contents then WordAi if perfect with AI-powered.



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Free article generators will not give you any benefit but time waste. I don’t recommend you to use any this kind of tools for your business.

But still, if you can’t write or haven’t had too much time then you may consider for AI (artificial intelligence) powered tools such as ArticleForge or WordAi.

Remember, you can use all tools but don’t depend on them. Because, “You’re limitless, nothing’s too hard for You.

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