Adsterra Review for Publishers

Adsterra is an advertising network founded in 2013. Adsterra is open for advertisers, who want to promote their services or products and publishers, who want to monetize their content with ads.

With easy to sign up process, Adsterra is good at native advertising.

How does Adterra Work?

Adsterra is a regular advertising network that basically works best on a CPC basis. However, the company is claiming high and stable CPM rates on the market. Their signup and website approval process are easy. You just need to signup for an Adsterra account, submit your site and when it gets approved place the ad units.

You can easily track your clicks, CTR, CPM and estimated revenue from the statics option.

Adsterra Requirements

Adsterra hasn’t had any strict requirements to signup. Even it seems like you can submit your downloading sites, gambling sites etc with them.

For a better result, we recommend you to get at least 1000 page views per day on your site before placing Adterra ad codes.

You also don’t need to update your ads.txt file to work with Adsterra.

Adsterra Ad Types

Adsterra offers different types of ads. You can create popunder, display, native banner, direct link, vast and social bar types ads.

However, we recommend using the native banner type ad only, as it is user friendly and will give you a better result.

Available ad types on Adsterra ad network:

  • Display Ad
  • Popunder Ad
  • Native Ad
  • Floating Bar
  • Direct Link


Not mentioned on the website.


Adsterra offers payouts just from $5 via Webmoney and Paxum. For PayPal and crypto transfer minimum payout is $100 and $1000 for wire transfers.

  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Term: Net 30
  • Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, Paypal, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Paxum


Ticket System: Yes

Contact Options: Ticket System, Phone – +357 252 610 70

Adsterra FAQs

Can I use Adsterra with Google AdSense?

You can use Adsterra with Google AdSense. Make sure to follow that no ads of Adsterra should violate Google AdSense policies.

What is the average CPM and CPC rates of Adsterra?

Adsterra CPC and CPM rates depend upon your traffic quality. You can get an average CPM up to $1 to $3.

What is Adsterra minimum payout?

Adsterra minimum payout is $5 via Webmoney and Paxum. For PayPal you the minimum payout amount is $100.

What are the Adsterra minimum requirements for publishers?

There are no such minimum requirements to apply for Adsterra ad network. However, having a decent amount of traffic is good to get a better CPM rate.

Adsterra vs AdSense?

AdSense is the clear winner in Adsterra vs AdSense.

Referral Program

Adsterra also has a referral program. Adsterra allows publishers to refer new publishers to Adsterra Network and earn 5% of their revenue for lifetime. The more people you refer, the more income you get.


We recommend you to use Adsterra as a supporting or alternative ad network. To maintain a good user experience you should avoid their other ad formats and only go with their native banners. Using it with AdSense is a good idea.