Adapex Review for Publishers

Adapex LLC is an award winning Google Certified partner and a premium tier ad network for advertisers and publishers. Adapex claims that they can increase your revenues by 30% to 500% with the help of programmatic ad optimizations.

With more than 30+ leading ad exchanges is one of the best way to increase your potential ad revenue from website/blog.

How does Work? is partnered with 30+ premium programmatic demand partners. That means they have more partners to fulfil your website ad inventory with premium quality and high paying ads. With header bidding and proper programmatic optimization with AI, Adapex is a great way to increase potential advertisement revenue.

Top Features of

  • Custom Header Bidder Solution: Adapex serves optimized Prebid with custom functionalities with Premium Google AdX and AdX EBDA.
  • Automated Analytics: Single easy-to-use dashboard that unifies and normalizes all data to best optimize yield.
  • PMP & Direct Deals: offers guaranteed deals and premium CPMs from their agency and brand partners with campaign management for in-house direct deals.
  • Dynamic Ads Injection: Ad refresh rates on 5 variables, Dynamic ads injection nadViewability Optimization to incrase your fill rate.
  • Viewability Optimization: Their Pre-roll and outstream video header bidding ads will help you to maximize your fill and overall cpms.
  • Quality Control and Compliance: Ads quality management tools & blocks lists with regulatory compliance for GDPR and CCPA.
  • Ads Placement optimizations and Video optimization: Easy to implement code with all future optimizations handled from them. Inclduing hands-on support from their experienced team
  • AMP Ads Optimization: Monetize your AMP pages seamlessly with all optimization opportunities.

Top Partners op

  • Iab Tech Lab
  • ID5
  • Live Ramp
  • Amazon Publisher Services
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Premium Google Partner
  • Xandr
  • District M
  • EMX
  • PubMatic
  • Rubicon Project
  • OpenX
  • Verizon Media
  • Prebid
  • Index Exchange
  • 33across
  • Sovrn
  • ViewDeos
  • And more.

All Google Certified Publisher Partners are using top quality technology to improve the overall user experience without affecting the revenue growth. You can also ask for Free Site Audit to find out the best opportunities for your website. Requirements

Here are the requirements for joining as a publisher.

  • Upto 1 million pageviews per month. Higher pageviews, higher chances for approval.
  • Having good standing with major ad partners.
  • Website should be following webmaster guidelines for safe content.
  • Add their ads.txt lines to your site’s ads.txt file. Ad Types

Adapex offers a large variety of ad types. They offer display ads, native ads, dynamic ads, Pre-roll and outstream video ads and more.

Available ad types on

  • Display Ads.
  • Native Ads.
  • Video ads.
  • Rich media ads. Pricing

Haven’t found on their website. Payment allows publishers to get payout via Tipalti. Publishers need to provide their legal Address, Payment Method, TAX Forms and need to pass the review process to get paid by Adapex.

  • Minimum Payout: Unknown
  • Payment Term: Unknown
  • Payment Methods: eCheck, Wire Transfer via Tipalti payment gateway. Support

  • Dedictaed Account Manager: Yes
  • Contact Opions: Email – [email protected], Phone – +1.718.618.9982 FAQs

Is a Google Certified Publisher Partner?

Yes, a Google Certified Publisher Partner.

Will I get real-time data and analytics for my website?

Yes, you will get a dedicated performance, reporting and analytics suite.

What is the average CPM rates?

Basically, CPM varies on multiple factors. However, with publishers will see a huge increase in CPM and also offers premium CPMs.

What are the payment methods? payment methods are eCheck, Wire Transfer via Tipalti.


The traditional ad publishing ways are now old. So, if you’re a large publication and looking for growth in ad revnue, then you must try for once.

Adapex is one of the Google Certified Publishing Partners. That means they have been trained on the Google publishing platforms and been carefully evaluated by Google to be a good fit as a publishing partner.

With dedicated account management and top-notch technology already 500+ publishers are increasing their potential ad revenue. So, why are you waiting for, give it a try.