Ad.Plus Review for Publishers is a new display and video ad network in this industry. is a Google Multiple Customer Management (MCM) partner. They help publishers to increase their potential ad revenue using AI.

With their easy-to-use dashboard, you can easily track your best-performing ad units, fill rate and earnings. Let’s have a look at

How does Work? is a Google MCM partner. They have access to adx and open ads. They work on CPC and CPM models. Their ad tags will optimize according to your website traffic and will only show high CPC and CPM ads on your website. Ultimately publishers will make most of their traffic on a daily basis, compared to Google AdSense. Requirments

Publishers are required to have at least 100,000 pageviews per month to apply for Your website is needed to comply with webmaster guidelines for safe content. Also, you should not be blocked by major ad networks like AdSense, Adx etc.

Publisher Requirements

  • Minum Traffic: 100,000 pageviews/month.
  • Content Guidelines: Safe content (no nudity/sexuality/adult content).
  • Website should not be blocked by Google AdSense/AdX.
  • Add their ads.txt lines to your site’s ads.txt file.

Ad Types offers both display and video advertising. They also have a native links ad format. Even if you’re using AMP on your website, then also offers AMP ad tags.

  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Native Links
  • AMP Ad tags

Pricing have a 80% revenue share with publishers. This means you get 80% of revenue and will keep its 20%.


  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Term: Net 45 for New Sites, Net 30 for Premium/Old Sites
  • Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, Paypal


  • Personal Account manager: Yes
  • Contact Options: Email- [email protected], Phone – +1 8888081578 FAQs

Can I use with Google AdSense?

Yes, you can use ads with Google AdSense.

What is the average Ad.Plus CPM rates? average CPM rate is $5-10 for tier 1 countries with no upper limit. They have a fill rate of 30% across the network.

What is minimum payout? offers its publishers NET45 day terms. The minimum payout is $100.

What are the payment methods? offers two easy ways for publishers to receive their payments. The first one is Wire Transfer and the second one is PayPal.


Overall if you have potential traffic from the US, UK etc tier 1 countries like then will help you to easily generate a high CPM rate. However, for countries like India, Japan, Bangladesh etc, may not be able to give you a better outcome. In fact tier 2 and 3 countries, Google AdSense is found better compared to